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Yagopavit / Upanayanam

Upanayana (Sanskrit: उपनयनम्, romanized: Upanāyanam, lit. ’initiation’) is a Hindu educational sacrament, one of the traditional saṃskāras or rites of passage that marked the acceptance of a student by a preceptor, such as a guru or acharya, and an individual’s initiation into a school in Hinduism. Some traditions consider the ceremony as a spiritual rebirth for the child or future dvija, twice born. It signifies the acquisition of the knowledge of God and the start of a new and disciplined life as a brahmachari. According to the given community and region, it is also known by numerous terms such as janai or janea, poita/paita, logun/nagun, yagnopavita, bratabandha, bratopanayan, mekhal. The Upanayanam ceremony is arguably the most important rite for the Brahmin male, ensuring his rights and responsibilities as a Brahmin and signifying his advent into adulthood.


  1. Upanayan Program timing : 6.00 AM – 8.00 PM
  2. Upanayan kit will be given .
  3. Kindly contact the for for stay. 9867761306
  4. Kindly register for the Upanayanam program with your whatsapp number.
  5. Pregnant women and women in their monthly cycle cannot participate in the Upanyanam program.
  6. Women should carry a blouse to match the yellow saree which they have to wear on initiation day.
    Kindly bring following iteams:

    1. Chandan / Bhasam
    2. Camphor
    3. Matchbox
    4. Small hand towel


Bhoj / Prasadam

  • Prasadam timing : 7.00 PM – 9.00 PM
Name Ravi Agarwal
Email [email protected]
Mobile Number +91 9867761306
City  Mumbai
District Thane
State Maharashtra
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