व्रत विधि

Sawan 2020: Pay tribute to Lord Shiva by listening to these Shravan geet, songs and bhajans

Shravan 2020: Sawan, one of the holiest months according to the Hindu calendar, shall commence on July 6. And as Indians gears up to perform the Shravan somwar vrat, listen to these Sawan geet & songs.

The holy month of Shravan is all set to begin. During this month, devotees keep a fast on Mondays (Sawan somwar vrat) and perform austerities to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. This year, the Kanwar Yatra (as essential feature of Shravan) shall not take place owing to coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, to contain the spread of COVID-19, devotees must avoid public gatherings. Nonetheless, they can still make the most of the festivities by keeping the vrat at home and listening to Sawan geet, songs and bhajans. Music is one of the best ways to express Bhakti (devotion). Hence, listen to the songs, mantras and shlokas shared below.

Begin your day by listening to the Shiva Suprabhatam

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